Kick-off Tekos Interactive 2023

Kick-offs are annual corporate events Tekos Interactive whose primary mission is to align the entire workforce with the purposes and objectives of the company for the new fiscal year, as well as the launch of a new business and project. Kick off consists of motivating, educating, and inspiring both the commercial team and all the […]

Tet Holiday 2023 in Tekos

Lunar New Year – Tet is Vietnam’s most siganficant celebartion. Tet is a period of interference between heaven and earth, people and gods, and also a time for all families. Tet is a time when people become closer to each other, have fun, unite and especially send best wishes to each other. At Tekos, there […]

Christmas day at Tekos

In France, Christmas is an important day! It takes its roots in a christian event: the birth of the Christ.Eventhough the event lost a little of its spiritual meaning with the years, it still holds a special place in the heart of the French team. At Tekos, there are cultural changes between France and Vietnam […]

Happy birthday 2nd Tekos Interactive

We are happy to share the exceptional moment.Tekos reached the 2 years milestone! 🎂Two years is at the same time very short and very long 🙂You have plenty enough time to fail, face hurdles, yet, it passes as fast as a flash. The first two years were dedicated to laying the foundations, build a team […]

Tekos Interactive launch it’s new website today

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